The Great Penguin Rescue
Featured / April 25, 2018

ON JUNE 23, 2000, the iron-ore carrier MV Treasure, en route from Brazil to China, foundered off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, spilling 1,300 tons of oil into the ocean and contaminating the habitat of 75,000 penguins. Realizing thJuneat 41 percent of the world’s population of African penguins could perish, local conservation officials immediately launched a massive rescue operation, and 12,500 volunteers from around the globe rushed to South Africa in hopes of saving the imperiled birds. Serving as a rehabilitation manager during the initial phase of the three-month rescue effort, Dyan deNapoli—better known as “the Penguin Lady” for her extensive work with penguins—and fellow volunteers de-oiled, nursed back to health, and released into the wild nearly all of the affected birds. Now, at the tenth anniversary of the disaster, deNapoli recounts this extraordinary true story of the world’s largest and most successful wildlife rescue. When she first entered the enormous warehouse housing most of the 19,000 oiled penguins, the birds’ total silence told deNapoli all she needed to know about the extent of their trauma. African penguins are very vocal by nature, prone to extended fits of raucous, competitive braying during territorial displays and pair-bonding rituals, but…

Books , Featured / September 28, 2015

Citizenchip, by Wil Howitt, is a wonderfully witty look into life of a newborn AI and how she learns to interact with the slow, clumsy humans around her. Citizenship follows the life of Sam, a young AI, who is assigned to help humans in a variety of ways. She’s a “teenager” of sorts – full of knowledge and not always sure how to apply it properly. Along the way Sam comes to care for these meat-creatures she’s tasked to take care of. But the world is changing, and soon Sam finds herself torn between the humans she’s fond of and the AI community which wants to live a life of freedom. The revolution has arrived – and Sam’s caught in the whirlwind. I love the dialogue in this book. It just shines. There are several scenes that make me laugh out loud. I also love the world that Wil has created. It feels authentic and fully developed. Well recommended.